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More information about the yoga teacher training:

After a 20 years yoga journey of practice and teaching in Africa, India, western Europe, Sweden and Norway and now 10 years of working in Bergen and having taught almost everyone from Frivillighetssentralen, SFO at Krohnengen, Haukeland skole, Eventyrskogen, Mohlenpris skole, Student Samskipsnaden I Bergen (SIB), Haukeland sykehus, Sjokrigsskolen, Kreftforeningen, we were the first to introduce Hotyoga classes in Norway and for therapy at Haukeland Hospital’s Learing & Mestringssenter (LMS), Bergen Kommune, TIF Viking, Svett og Blid, Elixia ,old age pensioners homes and the marines at Håkonsvern Orlogstasjon, etc. We have decided to offer this experience in the form of a 4 year teacher training course.

The 4 main courses over 4 years would look like this:
year 1: the eight stages of yoga, basic hatha yoga and teaching pedagogics (110hours)
year 2: vinyasa flow, power yoga, yin yoga, hotyoga, yoga with props and hatha yoga variations ( ≥ 110hrs)
year 3: yoga applications in society, therapy yoga and special needs classes ( ≥ 110hrs)
year 4 a course in Yogic breathing and pranayama, bodily cleansing and purifying techniques, and rythmical breath based meditation: kriya yoga. ( 600≥hrs)

The total number of course hours is around 1000hrs over the 4 years and the paid work experience is additional and according to each teacher capacity.

The cost of the full 4 years is 10 000Kr paid in the first year, this includes paid work experience in some of Hordalands public institutions, with pay beginning at 360Kr/hr. These work experience teaching positions can begin in the fall directly after the first teacher training course.
The teacher training is undertaken on a co-operative, voluntary basis and only the «work experience « classes are contracted to safeguard the quality and standards already laid down.